Australian Mist Cat Society

Welfare and Re-homing

If you have any welfare or re-homing issues to do with Australian Mist cats, please contact either:
Jan Cross
01157 523252/07815 050509 - Derbyshire
Tricia Bristow
01392 882341 - Devon


Jasper Name: Jasper
Age: 7
Gender: Male Breed: Australia Mist
Location: Central London but transport can be arranged

Jasper is a beautiful seven-year-old neutered male.
I (his current owner) am disabled physically and verbally and have a constantly changing set of carers every few months. Over the years Jasper has become attached to the carers, they feed him and sadly he rarely comes to me now, and is affected by the upheaval or changing carers.
Jaspers passion is food which he cries for loudly, or for affection, which he doesn’t get enough of as the carers are working. He is on a calorie controlled diet of 30 grams of Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Satiety Support, having got very over weight three years ago from eating his own and my other cat’s (sadly deceased) food unsupervised. He needs a loving able-bodied owner and a stable home, with plenty of love.

Would you like to rehome him?
Please contact Susan Wintour