Australian Mist Cat Society

Welfare and Re-homing

If you have any welfare or re-homing issues to do with Australian Mist cats, please contact either:
Jan Cross
01157 523252/07815 050509 - Derbyshire
Tricia Bristow
01392 882341 - Devon

Two Australian Mist Cross Sisters looking for a permanent loving home, ideally together. Please Contact Donna Herron directly to discuss (details below):
Berenice (Berry)
Loves affection and is a typical lap cat who is most content when she has someone's lap to lay on. She also enjoys playing fetch with anything that makes a scrunchy rustling noise. She also follows you around like a little dog, lovely companion.
Cleopatra (Cleo)
Also loves affection but is a little more nervous around lots of noise. She is more Independent and chooses her time to get affection but when she does she showers anyone with lots of love and cuddles. Both cats love the odd treat but Cleo is especially a sucker for a Dentabite treat or any cat treat really.
Both kitties love their tummies to be rubbed and it won't take long before they are rolling over with their tummies on show for you to tickle. Very intelligent cats who come when their names are called.
Indoor cats but they do potter around in the garden but don't go any further. Two sisters who need to remain together as a pair. At nighttime they love cuddling up together in their cat tower ( will be provided with rehoming )
Both cats eat raw food which we purchase from the natural Instinct website and is very reasonable in price. Do not feed normal cat food as found this upset their tummies.
Contact details is 07891 819 512 Hutton, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 1DZ